We are the first port of call when it comes to easily providing our customers with personalized, confidential and highly available access to distributed IP terminals (PLCs, HMIs, SCADA systems or monitoring systems) via the Internet. For the safety of our customers, we always think in terms of "security" and "safety".


HOOC develops, operates and maintains software platforms and hardware components for safe, personalized and reliable remote access to systems in local area networks via the public Internet. All this with the aim of being able to link the connected systems as function blocks on the SW platform to form new, higher-value services.

HOOC offers customers its expertise in interconnecting such function blocks or licenses a "Software Development Kit (SDK)" to customers so that they can implement their own solutions in the HOOC cloud.



As a traditional Swiss company, rooted in the HVAC and building automation industry, we stand for quality and reliability with our name, our actions and our communication. Our solutions are characterized by easy handling in the field. They are especially tailored to the needs of installers, operators and maintenance providers.
We are aware of the risks of remote control via the Internet and do everything we can to protect our customers' systems and data to the best of our ability and to keep them available at all times.
We maintain long-term, partnership-based relationships with our customers that are characterized by trust, appreciation and understanding.
A healthy financial basis is a prerequisite for long-term relationships. We act cost-consciously and make sure that fixed costs are kept as low as possible. Our investors are committed on a long-term basis and place a healthy development of the company before maximizing returns.

HOOC offers its employees an attractive working environment with challenging tasks and appropriate resources. We value competent, independent employees who take on responsibility and create new things with the aim of generating added value for our customers.
We treat each other politely and respectfully and trust each other. Honesty and openness are part of our communication culture. We see mistakes as an opportunity to improve our products and services.
We fully accept our responsibility towards society, the state and the environment and make our contribution to the whole.