The Hooc solution

Efficient remote access simplifies the integration of complex systems. For this reason, VPN connections to remote networks and control systems (PLC, HMI, KNX, etc.) are today a s tandard in the fields of industrial and building technology.

The HOOC technology offers a transparent transport layer and establishes a VPN connection to remote systems for users and applications.

System integrators and manufacturers currently face the following challenges:

  • Ensuring secure access methods and their supervision
  • Granting dedicated and temporary access rights
  • Documentation and management of access rights
  • No public IP, no changes to firewalls and routers, no port-forwarding needed

To master all these challenges, HOOC offers secure and surprisingly simple solutions for engineers, managers and users.

The functional principle

The HOOC Gateway establishes an encrypted connection to the HOOC Cloud terminates in a virtual and fully isolated network hub. When logging into the HOOC Cloud, every user is assigned specific access rights. Thanks to the HOOC App, users can now establish a VPN tunnel from their end device to the remote network and be on-site with just a click. Also using its scalable platform capabilities the HOOC Solution offers a series of innovative services, which all work according to the same principle.

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HOOC Gateway

The HOOC Gateway establishes a secure connection between remote IT systems and the HOOC Cloud.
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HOOC Cloud

The HOOC Cloud is the heart of the HOOC Solution and offers easy management of all your assets and a series of centralized services.
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Thanks to the HOOC App for Windows, iOS and Android, the services of the HOOC Cloud can be easily and quickly accessed at any time and from anywhere.

The HOOC Gateways

The HOOC Gateway links remote systems and the HOOC Cloud together. On delivery it is preconfigured and ready for operation. After connecting to the internet, the HOOC Gateway registers at the HOOC Cloud and establishes a VPN connection using 256-bit AES encryption.

Hooc connect M

HOOC Gateway with Wlan & mobile communication

Simply plug in, log in and start. HOOC Connect M is the powerful Swiss multitool and covers a wide range of situations. The Connect M Gateway offers numerous communication interfaces such as LTE/mobile communication, WLAN, WAN and LAN ports.

HOOC Connect M is suitable for

  • Temporary use during commissioning
  • Connection of systems without internet access
  • Access to industrial systems
  • Access to isolated networks

Hooc connect H

Hooc gateway rail mount

HOOC Connect H fits perfectly into control cabinets or, due to its rail-mounting enclosure, to all electrical distribution systems in the building technology industry. This is our bestseller and has already been proven in thousands of remote sites.

HOOC Connect H is suitable for:

  •  Remote maintenance and access to smart homes
  • Remote maintenance for HVAC control
  • Applications in control cabinets

HOOC Connect E


The embedded software HOOC Connect E can be downloaded as binary or docker container from the HOOC Cloud and used on various platforms (Raspberry PI, Linux, MAC). Using HOOC Connect embedded, manufacturers and developers can integrate the HOOC Solution into existing systems and products.

HOOC Connect E is suitable for:

  • Integration in existing control systems
  • Integration in own hardware or products
  • Integration in server environments

HOOC Connect T


HOOC Connect T is the perfect solution for use in an IT rack. Simply plug in, log in and start. The Connect T Gateway can be used everywhere networks or an IT rack are in place. Thanks to the included power supply, it is ready to use within one minute.

HOOC Connect T is suitable for:

  • Remote maintenance of network infrastructure
  • Remote access for small offices
  • Remote maintenance of safety and security systems

The HOOC Cloud

The HOOC Cloud is a central part and the core element of the HOOC Solution. Here, resellers, users, sites and supporters are registered and managed. It’s also the place where all connections run together, access rights are granted and central services are activated. Using the management platform opens up the full potential of the HOOC Cloud. For this reason, the HOOC Cloud meets the highest expectations (equal to Swiss banks security policies) regarding data protection and infrastructure. We continuously implement and provide new functions and features to assure quality and innovation. We put special emphasis on high availability and security of all machinery and services managed on the platform.

The HOOC management portal is a central part of the HOOC Cloud and provides the following functions:

  • Central management of all resellers, clients and sites
  • Hierarchical user management and access rights
  • Provisioning and logging of temporary remote access rights
  • Monitoring of HOOC services and server resources
  • Provisioning of central applications
  • Two-factor authentication

At regular intervals, we provide new and improved features for the HOOC Solution. Maintenance is planned in a timely fashion and announced in the HOOC Management Portal. Beside the current status of the HOOC Cloud and services the latest events are also provided for later viewing.

  • Certified and monitored Swiss data centres (ISO and Finma compliance)
  • Automated processes for updates and disaster recovery
  • Encryption of all connections using modern sate of the art technologies
  • Recording and monitoring of access
  • Regular audits by independent external companies (See Infoguard penetration testing report)

The HOOC App

No solution without an app. The HOOC App is an innovative and user-friendly software solution. With just one click, a secure connection is established, the status of a system is checked, parameters are changed or information on the latest status messages can be obtained.

The crucial functions of the HOOC App:

  • VPN sessions to remote sites
  • Push notifications and message centre
  • Auto-login, auto-connect features
  • Remote control and alerting
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