Life is complicated enough. Use HOOC apps.

Sitting in a car, in a meeting or in your armchair at home? So why would you want to get up in order to turn on your computer when you can control all your systems and installations directly on your HOOC app? Right – you wouldn't.


The HOOC ClientApp for iOS, Windows and Android is the perfect tool for checking your system status, adjusting set points as well as for visualizing trend data. It not only gives you a quick overview of all sites and users, but also a summary of all messages and notifications.

Thanks to the HOOC ClientApp and its secure access, you don't have to "wait" any longer for your VPN connection to be established. On the contrary, the connection will be made immediately as soon as you start the app. For a even faster connection, you can access your different sites under "favorites" or under your recent connections. But that's not all: While usually the admin settings are first to be eterized in the ManagementPortal, alerting rules or notification center settings can also be paused or stopped directly with your ClientApp.


HOOC Collab is somewhat as the WhatsApp for the building technology. It enables the sending of files and documents and has an integrated chat option.

Today, teams and colleagues often communicate in a non-homogeneous way, by randomly using e-mails, SMS, phone calls, etc. As a result, processes and work flows cannot be tracked and hence, not be improved. The HOOC CollabApp, on the other hand, shows an overview of all chats, attached documents and system notifications, so that the client has a much easier time to understand the problem (e.g. a system failure) and how, how quick and by whom it was fixed.

Speaking of promptness: Speed is also key when it comes to logging into the system. Because if your systems fails, you usually want to react immediately. Therefore, the initial authentication can be activated simply via QR code and after that, the access works with no additional input (username and password). As handy as an app gets.


True to its name, the HOOC CompactApp combines in a slimmed-down version the most important HOOC functions in one tool.

What that means is, that especially the smart user management stays a top priority also in the compact version. There is no need to enter additional user data (invitation via QR code) and web access is also fast and uncomplicated thanks to the secure proxy service. In contrast to the system integrator, who might prefer to use the ClientApp, where all his sites are presented at a glance, the end customer will surely opt for the CompactApp, where only his own system will be displayed. Different strokes for different folks.