How it works

What is HOOC? And how does it work?

The Company: HOOC is an international company based in Switzerland. We offer a wide range of services from remote access to alerting and monitoring as well as state-of-the-art solutions in the field of KNX and LoRa. 

The Players: We are primarily active in the B2B sector. This means that among our direct customers there are hardware developers, system integrators, KNX manufacturers and many more. They act as HOOC resellers or distributors, who then sell our gateways and solutions to the end customer.

The Business Units: The company's core business includes CONNECTIVITY, CONTROL and COLLABORATION services. Whereas CONNECTIVITY englobes remote access and programming as well as system and site networking, CONTROL covers remote maintenance together with monitoring and reporting solutions. COLLAB then stands for modern alerting and collaboration technology.

The Essentials: The heart of each of our HOOC solutions is the HOOC cloud. Here the data of the complete system infrastructure will be gathered and can thus be accessed by the users via an encrypted VPN connection.

The Solution: (from left to right): The customer or technical staff member uses either the HOOC client app or the HOOC management portal in order to gain secure access (via cloud and gateway) to the programmable logic controller and thus, to the HVAC systems and smart home applications that he needs to programm, control or adjust. This high-quality VPN tunnel is not only the basis for HOOC Access, but also for all other HOOC solutions and services.

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