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Energy optimization & efficiency

Are your customers saving energy or are they still too comfortable?

In Switzerland, around 45 percent of final energy is today consumed in real estate. This means that there is huge potential for energy savings in buildings. A potential which in many places is still lying fallow due to the widespread assumption that saving energy necessarily requires costly building renovations. HOOC Energy shows that this does not always have to be the case. By digitizing your sites using sensors and SoftPLC, you can not only monitor them and analyze their energy consumption, but you can also optimize older installations and thus easily integrate them all into a bigger system or smart grid.

In short: Instead of renovating your whole building, simply digitalize your HVAC systems with HOOC Energy. Thus save money, time and – nomen est omen – energy.

Who is HOOC Energy suitable for?

How does HOOC ENERGY work?

From data acquisition to consumption analysis and energy optimization

1. Data acquisition

  • Data  acquisition thanks to the HOOC gateways and interfaces to building services systems (Modbus/TCP-RTU, MQTT, KNX)
  • Data acquisition from older systems using LoRa sensors for room climate, fault contacts, temperature and heating circuits

2. Data centralization

  • Data centralization in the HOOC Cloud

3. Data monitoring

  • Data monitoring in Grafana dashboards
  • Real-time data display in HOOC apps

4. Data integration

  • Data integration in other HOOC solutions such as alerting and reporting

5. Data analysis

  • Data analysis with HOOC SoftPLC

6. Energy optimization

  • Operational optimization thanks to if-then logic by means of the HOOC SoftPLC


The virtual PLC solution from HOOC


The virtual PLC solution. Without additional tools, costly updates and time-consuming maintenance.

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The IoT gateways for the HOOC Energy solution

HOOC Connect

With the IoT gateways of our X-series, life – and especially HOOC Energy – get a bit less complicated.

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How to convert fieldbus protocols with HOOC

HOOC Converter

Take it easy and convert all your building protocols straightforward with our HOOC Converter.

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The HOOC apps for easy remote control and monitoring

HOOC Client- & CompactApp

Monitor your sites from remote. How? With our HOOC apps for integrators and end users.

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Sensors and actuators for LoRa technology


Why not to retrofit older equipment by using HOOC LoRa and save time, money and – energy.

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