Every cloud has a silver lining. And let's say, the HOOC Cloud has at least two.

The idea of having its own data somewhere «in the skies» might not always seem that attractive. Therefore, the HOOC Cloud is built differently. Not only does it guarantee a highly encrypted VPN access to your remote technical facilities, sites and systems, but also does it function without any port forwarding or fixed IP addresses. 

Furthermore, it offers a so-called smart user management, which allows the client to attribute dedicated and time-limited accesses to his systems. That can mean that an employee will only have access to the technical installations he is in charge of or that an external service provider, for example, will be granted access just for the duration of his deployment.  

Resumé: An exciting alternative to conventional cloud solutions. For having your data - not your head - in the cloud(s).

The solution: (from left to right): The customer or technical staff member uses either the HOOC ClientApp or the HOOC ManagementPortal in order to gain secure access (via cloud and gateway) to the programmable logic controller and thus, to the HVAC systems and smart home applications that he needs to program, control or adjust. This high-quality VPN tunnel is not only the basis for HOOC Access, but also for all other HOOC solutions and services.


What it offers:

  • a central gathering of information and an easy data display (HOOC ClientApp and HOOC CompactApp)
  • a centralized management of clients, sites and systems (HOOC ManagementPortal)
  • a hierarchical user management (HOOC ManagementPortal)

What makes it special:

  • no port forwarding or fixed IP addresses
  • regularly audited and monitored Swiss data centers (Finma Compliant, etc.)
  • a service that is certified by recognized Swiss cyber security experts

Nice to have:

Automated processes for updates and disaster recovery / recording of accesses / additional two-factor authentication / activation and deactivation of services («solution as a service»).

The technology behind it:

  • State-of-the-art encryption technologies
  • Microservice architecture
  • Automated setup and orchestration («infrastructure as code»)
  • HOOC-OS as operating system
  • Execution of services with container technologies
  • Cluster of specialized microservices (proxy, authentication, backend services for solutions, license manager, notification center, management portal, HOOC apps, etc.)
  • Detached logging and monitoring infrastructure

Take the most important step into your digital future now. Come to HOOC.