The Speedy Gonzales among controllers

Well, maybe more like the Gyro Gearloose. Because with our HOOC SoftPLC you can not only make changes to the control logic incredibly fast and flexible but also advance your developments thanks to its simplified programmability. And for the whole thing not remaining a single-shot, the HOOC SoftPLC also enables a greater scalability.

In one sentence: The optimal alternative (or complement) to the conventional PLC on site.

Video (German)

What makes HOOC SoftPLC special:

  • SIMPLICITY: Since HOOC SoftPLC is a web-based PLC solution, there is no need for additional engineering tools or costly maintenance.

  • FLEXIBILITY: As it can be quickly adapted to different requirements, our SoftPLC is generally more flexible than an on-site PLC. It is therefore easier to make changes to the control logic.

  • PROGRAMMABILITY: In general, the HOOC SoftPLC is easier to program than a normal PLC control. This can lead to faster development of control logic.

  • COST: Virtual PLC programs such as ours are usually less expensive since there is no need for expensive PLC hardware.

  • SCALABILITY: HOOC SoftPLC is also more easily scalable than traditional controllers. 

Technical infos

What can our SoftPLC be used for?

  • for simple and complex monitoring tasks

  • for superordinate time switching functions 

  • for the calculation of KPIs of building services engineering

  • for self-consumption optimization

  • for cross-plant networking (e.g. heat pump with inverter)


Where is it not yet applicable?

  • wherever the control logic must be available 100% of the time; as the SoftPLC is currently still operated exclusively in the cloud (Edge functionality is in planning, however)

Video (German)