Ordering models


In life as in technology, preferences vary: some seek turn-key solutions, will others may favor a more modular approach. With our innovative FIX and FLEX ordering systems, the choice is yours to select the model that precisely aligns with your individual requirements.

With the FIX model, you first choose a HOOC gateway that meets your preferences. Then you pick one of our packages (S, M, or L), incorporating pre-configured services and features. Both the gateway and your chosen package come at a single cost, providing a seamlessly integrated, ready-to-use solution.

With the FLEX model, you also begin by choosing a gateway that aligns with your requirements. Upon its purchase, you receive a complimentary BASE package, including one simultaneous VPN access. To tailor your experience, you then select your desired additional services and functionalities, forming your individual plan. The gateway (including BASE) comes at a one-time cost, while your individual plan will incur recurring monthly charges.

In a nutshell: Variety or simplicity – we have the model that you need.