Here are the latest developments over the past 12 months. Because as you know:


New Features

What has happened SO FAR:

VPN access & remote maintenance without recurring costs

VPN without reccurring costs

Elsewhere you pay annual fees. Not so with HOOC. 

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How to set up an automatic system for the billing of your energy costs

Smart billing

How to  automatically bill your energy costs. 

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A short manual for how to configurate the HOOC SoftPLC for your sites

Configuration of your SoftPLC

A quick manual on how to set up your HOOC SoftPLC.

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HOOC SoftPLC: The virtual PLC program for industry and building automation.


The virtual PLC program for industry and building automation.

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How to configure hourly data record frequency

Frequency increase for data set report

How to export & report of up to 12 datasets per hour.

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How to limit simultaneous bus queries

Frequency limit for Modbus/RTU

How to limit simultaneous bus queries.

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How to add more site-relevant information

Information Board

How to add more site-relevant information.

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Data integration into the HOOC system

M-Bus metering data

How to integrate them into the HOOC system.

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Device communication via Internet and WAN


Conversion to TCP and forwarding.

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Device communication via Internet and WAN

DNS & default gateway for SERC & SEPROX

Communication of devices via Internet or WAN network.

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Data transfer between fieldbus protocols

Data point mapping

Data transfer between different fieldbus protocols.

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Collab service integrated in CompactApp

Instant messaging

New messaging service for the HOOC CompactApp.

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Alarm log for HOOC ClientApp & CompactApp

Alarm history in HOOC apps

Latest alarm messages available in ClientApp & CompactApp.

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New protocol: Modbus TCP Server

Secure remote control new with Modbus/TCP server.

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Neue App-Feature

Improved SmartUI

More icons, improved view settings.

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The new HOOC gateways

Okay, fair enough: It is more than a feature.

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User management in CompactApp

Delete and add new site users directly via app.

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New features for HOOC Access solution

Advanced SEPROX

The secure proxy service of HOOC Access recently «pimped up».

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Device integration without gateway

MQTT Interface

Integration of devices into the HOOC ecosystem without gateway.

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HOOC VPN in Cubevision & Applemodule

BAB feat. HOOC - or vice versa

The best of both worlds: HOOC VPN in BAB products.

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The HOOC features before 2022

Older features

Technology never grows old on you?