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Automatic meter data acquisition

HOOC – everything that counts

... is what we connect. Whether electricity, water or gas meter systems, HOOC Metering records your energy data and centralizes it in the HOOC Cloud. From there, it can be monitored in real time or sent by e-mail using our automatic reporting service. In addition, HOOC Metering forms the basis for various partner solutions such as direct service charge settlement (see HOOC Billing).

In short: On-site meter reading belongs to the past. With HOOC Metering, data is collected automatically and not only the energy consumption but also the load profile will be displayed in real time. 

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The benefits of HOOC Metering

  • AVAILABILITY: Data is available anytime and from anywhere.

  • COST EFFICIENCY: The time and effort required to read meter data is eliminated. 

  • TRANSPARENCY: Energy consumption is better traceable.

  • ENERGY OPTIMIZATION (self-consumption): Power guzzlers and unnecessary energy consumption can be identified more easily.

  • ENERGY OPTIMIZATION (smart grids): If there is a surplus of renewable sources such as wind and solar power, they can be selectively fed into the grid.

  • COMPATIBILITY: HOOC Metering is open to various interfaces such as Modbus/TCP, Modbus/RTU, KNX and MQTT.

  • SECURITY: Transmission of all metered data takes place in encrypted form.

  • ENERGY TRANSITION: In the next decade, 80% of existing electricity meters will be replaced by smart meter systems. Those who already rely on HOOC metering today are thus one step ahead of the times.