Your tool box for success

The HOOC instruments

No solution without a tool. That means no LoRa without sensors, no remote maintenance without apps and no SoftPLC without protocol converters. It's that simple.

Cloud-based solutions from HOOC

HOOC Cloud

 It is in the HOOC Cloud, that data will be centralized and stored, users' rights are managed and access permissions can be granted.

Physical and virtual HOOC gateways

HOOC Gateway

Our physical and virtual gateways are the link between the HOOC Cloud and your sites and thus the basis for all HOOC solutions.

The PLC software from HOOC


Our modern and innovative HOOC SoftPLC is web-based and works as a perfect complement to your on-site PLC controls.

Protocols & Interfaces supported by HOOC

Protokols & interfaces

Here you will find all gateway interfaces, network protocols and building control interfaces that are supported by HOOC.

HOOC Apps for remote maintenance and remote alarming


When things have to happen quickly: Our HOOC apps for remote control, automatic alerting and real-time monitoring and reporting.

HOOC solution with LoRa sensors and actuators

Sensors & actuators

Where there's a sensor, there's an actuator. And where there's LoRa, HOOC isn't far behind. Wanna know more? Check this out.