Protocol conversion & data mapping

And the winner takes it all

In this sense, our HOOC Converter is definitely on the winner's podium. Because all roads lead to it or via it. It speaks almost every (protocol) language and mediates between the various (OT and IoT) players. It can convert data between Modbus, KNX and MQTT, transmit it between a LoRa sensor and a smart home controller and make it available at a HOOC REST interface. Thanks to its permalink functionalities, the converted data points are then also available to other HOOC services or external PLCs.

In short: The HOOC Converter enables data communication between different devices, systems and sites by means of protocol conversion.

The benefits of the HOOC Converter

- switches between different fieldbus protocols by means of data point mapping

- connects external systems

- converts different protocols such as Modbus/TCP, KNX and MQTT

- transmits data between different systems and controllers

- provides converted data at a HOOC REST interface